Instructions for Employers


The Jumpstart Program is a program designed to assist customers in retaining and keeping their jobs. An Employment Specialist will be assigned to each customer and this specialist will work with each customer on a day-to-day basis. Customers are asked to supply information to the Employment Specialist every day as they arrive at work and every day as they leave their position. The Employment Specialist will communicate with the customer, caseworker as well as the employer in order to remain connected with every detail of the customer’s work schedule and responsibilities. Everyone will have a responsibility in order to make this program a success.



1. The employer will have an initial consultation with the Employment Specialist, either by telephone, in person or by email. This is to ensure that the specialist has all the details of the customer’s job:

  • name of company
  • position
  • hours and schedules
  • telephone numbers
  • email addresses

2. The employer’s main responsibility is to be available to connect with the Employment Specialist on a weekly basis to complete a survey of how the customer is doing on the job.

3. The Employment Specialist will contact the employer on a weekly established date to conduct a survey of how the employer feels the customer is doing on the job. Employers will answer a series of 13 questions.

4. The Employment Specialist will post the employer’s responses onto the CJX website to use as a comparison to the survey responses provided by the customer to ensure job satisfaction on both parts.

5. Any other reportable data and comments will be posted on the Employee Tracking Form on CJX website.

6. Any special needs or requests by the customer of the employer will be discussed with the caseworker and employer for possible further action.