Summary Of Qualifications

Using your 9-10 statements accurately could allow you to put everything into your summary needed to present your perfect profile.

• The first line can be devoted to the number of years of your work experience.

• The second and maybe third line can pertain to your education and/or training.

• The fourth, fifth and sixth lines can pertain to your work experience.

• The seventh line can exhibit your awards, certificate and/or accomplishments.

• The eighth and ninth line can be devoted to your personal attributes, such as punctual, hard-working, flexible, self-motivated, bilingual, etc.

• The last statement can always say "Works well independently as well as part of a team." 

Fill out the form. Under Summary of Qualifications, detail your work experience, training, skills, qualifications, education, etc.

Photo (Optional)

  1. Select good color choices for your clothing.
  2. Pick conservative clothes.
  3. Create a plain background.
  4. Provide good lighting and try to eliminate shadows.
  5. Have a pleasant smile.


If you already have a resume, simply click Choose File and Upload your Resume.

If you don't have a resume, create one or check with your local Workforce Center for assistance.

Record Video

  1. If you already have a video you would like to use, click Upload Video (below blue button).
  2. If you don't have a video, click Record Video (in blue button).
  3. Check to make sure you have a green Camera icon and a green Microphone icon. (If your Microphone is showing red, click on Settings icon at the bottom left or check your sound under Settings on your computer or device.)
  4. Remember before creating your video, look directly into the camera so it appears you are eye contact.
  5. Speak in a clear and crisp voice and tone.
  6. Remember to select appropriate clothing with good solid colors.
  7. Create a good background with plenty of lighting.
  8. Make sure you will have no background distractions or noises.
  9. Write out what you want to say so that you won't stumble over your words.
  10. Try to time how long your video will take; try to keep it approximately one minute or under.
  11. When you are ready to record your video, Click the Record Video button.
  12. When you finish recording, click Stop and you will be able to review your video.
  13. If you are happy with your recording, click Submit.
  14. If you are not happy with it, just re-record.