Since January 1989, Workforce Partners Management Group, LLC (WPMG) has provided publishing, employment, consulting and transition-related services to clients around the world. Its clients include the United States Government (GSA), Texas Workforce Commission, local workforce boards, community colleges and various other institutions by offering books, training, consulting, job fairs and placement services.

ADAPT Publishing Company, a division of WPMG, has published more than thirty-five books about job search, job-readiness, transition, stress, and finance. These user-friendly publications have helped thousands of participants through their transitions to better lives.

In 2007, WPMG services included the development of a re-employment center which assisted many laid-off workers to create resumes, develop job-readiness/job search skills, learn to use a computer and find employment. Many of our clients continue to thrive today in new and exciting fields they had not considered viable for them.

Assisting military personnel, housing authority residents, food stamp/TANF recipients, and workers who have been downsized and seeking direction, WPMG has discovered a population that deserves a careful look - college students.

This is a population considered more job-ready than most, a group that can easily read, write, and have better mathematical capabilities plus a proven desire to work and achieve.

This population is comprised of students from our local colleges and universities, community colleges, as well as technical and trade schools and colleges, Attending any institution of higher learning, these individuals have passed entrance exams, paid their way through college, have acquired loans and many are supporting families. They are motivated to work and seek the American dream. Campus JobXpress is designed to give deserving college students an opportunity to excel.

Employers benefit from Campus JobXpress by getting a more job-ready employee, an employee with skills, knowledge of computers, plus a degree of training and education that make them a valuable asset to any business.

Campus JobXpress is placing college students in a position to improve their lives and assist businesses in hiring the best employees on the market today.