By Ayunne Collins

when-opportunity-knocksWhen opportunity knocks, do you answer?

Well, do you?

Everyone is always told to never give up. Many people take that advice, but others may not always follow suit. At a certain age, you start to get hit with life quotes and I am throwing one at you. Here is one that may apply to most.

“When one door closes, another opportunity will come knocking on your door.”

Opportunity-KnockingHave you ever been out looking and applying for jobs, just to find out that you didn’t get the job? Well, view that as a door closing, but pretty soon, another job will come up and that will be your other opportunity knocking at your door.

Never give up, even if something should go wrong because another opportunity is always on the way to you and it can only get better.

87You can fall down 7 times, but you need to get up 8 times. Don’t let your fallen opportunities make you. You should keep striving and getting where you feel you should be and where you belong. Make the best of yourself and of your life. Make your family and friends proud of what you can accomplish. Make yourself proud!

positivityPositivity is the best key to success. Things may not be presented to you right to your face, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. As soon as you see that opportunity knocking, get up and open that door. Take it! Say, “Opportunity, come on in!”

Don’t let anyone else tell you what opportunities to take or discard. Make up your own mind what will work best for you and for your family. Don’t get discouraged. Do something about it. Many times, people will miss opportunities, even when they are staring them in the face, because they are so focused on not getting what they want. They complain and they moan about it, but they won’t do anything. Why? Because they are afraid. Afraid of what, you say? Failure, change, the unknown. So don’t fall into this category. Get up and do something about it. You will feel better.