By Melvin Collins, Jr.

PastedGraphic-1CampusJobXpress (CJX) presents itself as a useful tool to Business/Employment Services programs with its personalized offerings.

imagesThrough CJX, business services teams are able to use the latest technology for applicants with posting of resumes, video resumes, and a video chat room. A detailed posting of an employer’s profile is also possible, with complete history of company, benefits and other employee-related information. Employers are offered a platform to present their company’s full story and best qualities, thus informing applicants of their best attributes. Employers are also give the opportunity to provide CJX with a hyperlink connecting applicants directly to their website.

With the assistance of CJX, the business services team is able to supply each employer with pre-screened applicants meeting the employer’s specifications. For all employers who are able to use this service (some employers may have restrictions per government regulations), an applicant can be visually assessed for appropriateness of specific employment opportunities from the comfort of their offices via their computer 24/7. This provides a visual for employers to best applicantsGeneral1select the most qualified candidates. They are able to connect with applicants through an online video chat room at their convenience and pleasure.

A web page is created for each applicant which consists of a photo, summary of qualifications, a full resume and a one-minute video. For Rachel Web Pageemployers, this practice makes for a better selection as well as better serving its customers with a convenient, rapid responsive tool saving time and expense.

CampusJobXpress, along with the business service team, strive to make the interviewing and hiring process as smooth and seamless as possible. △