Body Language

By Sheena Williams

Reading people is an art that has been around for ages.  Watching the way others move can tell you a lot about what they are thinking and what they are trying to say. If you watch your employer when he/she speaks to staff, you can look for certain things that may help you decide how to tread in the situation you mind find yourself in.

Keep in mind that body language is not an exact science. Some movements are different based on things like age, gender, culture, ethnicity, or location.  No simple body language tells the whole story. There are plenty of outside factors that can affect a reading. We are just going to go over a few that are most common across the board to give you something to watch for when you are in an interview.

  1. Looking Left: This usually means they are trying to recall something.
  2. Direct Eye Contact: This could be honesty or faked honesty.
  3. Widening Eyes: Interest, appeal, or invitation could reflect this.
  4. Laughter: This could say there is a bit of relaxation around.
  5. Lip Biting: This is definitely built up tension.
  6. Chewing a Pen or Pencil: Mostly, this is self-comforting.
  7. Pursed Lips: This could signify thoughtful or upset.
  8. Slow Head Nodding: Perhaps this is attentive listening.
  9. Rapid Head Nodding: Hurry up or impatience is the meaning of this.
  10. Head Down: Most likely, this means negative or disinterested.
  11. Chin Up: Oh, most definitely pride and confidence.
  12. Crossed Arms: This means defensive or reluctant.
  13. Crossed Arms with Fist: Hostile defensiveness comes to mind.
  14. Hand Over Heart: This is someone seeking to be believed.
  15. Finger Pointing: This is aggressive action or speech.
  16. Hand Chop: This definitely means the last word on the matter.
  17. Fingertips Touching: This action means thoughtfulness.
  18. Ear Tugging: This tends to be Indecisive.
  19. Pumping Handshake: This means plenty of enthusiasm.
  20. Firm Handshake: No doubt, outward confidence.

Though this is a very short list of possible body signals, we have included a link if you would like to learn more. So good luck with your interview. Hopefully you’ll have a fist pumping, eye widening experience! △

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