by Sheena Williams

Ahh holiday time! The sounds of tingling bells and children’s laughter! The presents, the calendar that says it’s August… What? August? I know what you’re thinking. The holidays are a long way off, but for retail and restaurants, the season is starting now! They are gearing up for the holiday season by hiring workers now. They are doing a push for staff so that when the masses come in to shop, they will not be short-handed. Who hates standing in lines for 8 hours to purchase two little items? Exactly, and employers hate when their customers have to do that as well. Even if the jobs are temporary, they have their own unique set of benefits that a more erudite worker can exploit!

Get Your Foot In The Door — So let’s say that you have been trying to work forever at this shoe company as a shoe designer. They just aren’t returning your calls or trying to hear about your designs because they are very busy. They are, however, hiring for shoe lace demonstrators or shoe sales associates. What do you do? You apply for those positions! Not only is this a chance to accidentally show off your skills to someone who knows a guy who knows a guy at the head office, you are also getting to see if you like how the company operates. How a company treats its lowliest workers is a pretty good indicator of how the company works as a whole. This gives you the inside scoop and a way to get your foot in the door.

Discounts And Sales — I don’t think I need to explain this one too much. Most retail companies offer major discounts for employees! Is that a leather wallet by some random design house you’ve had your eye on? Is that a dress you think your daughter would look darling in? Don’t have a lot of money for Christmas gifts this year? By applying and getting a job with a retail store, you are being given the chance to get things that would normally carry a ridiculous price tag at some very nice discounts! You are also the first person to know about any sales that are upcoming, and a quick FYI to your parents or significant other could net you that long-lusted for item at a great price! Is that thinking too much about self? Yes, it is!

Extra Cash — Even if you are working, sometimes, it never hurts to have a second viable income. You can stash away money in your savings account, go on that trip you’ve always wanted, help a family member with expenses or just build up a little nest egg for emergencies. Maybe you want to have a little extra to send to your child in college. Whatever the case, it never hurts to have a little extra cheer, no matter what the season. Take advantage of it!

Resume Builder — So, you need to learn a skill and you see a part-time job that will train you to do exactly that. Let’s say that you are a chef and there is a certain way a café makes their coffee, and you are dying to know how so that you can offer that service someday in your own 4-star restaurant. What do you do? That’s right, apply! It’s training that you are getting paid for and it looks amazing on your resume! See a nonprofit that needs a secretary? Sign up! You now have office experience to add to your list of experiences.

New Friends And Customer Service — Another reason for taking on seasonal jobs is that it gives some people something to do. Maybe you’re retired and you are just tired of being at the house all the time. A part-time or seasonal position may be just what you are looking for. It keeps you active and others are learning from your experience. You are also getting the chance to make new friends. The camaraderie built in the workplace stems from the same reason that sports teammates are so close and have such a strong bond. You are a group of people working for a common goal. You are greeting and meeting people, and even if you are not retired, it will give you a place to hang your hat until the next job, the one you truly want, comes along.

Make sure to check your local Workforce Center listings to keep up with who is hiring. Stop by a local mall and check out who is hiring. You never know what you’ll find or what opportunities are out there for you! △