And they just kept coming and coming and coming….

“Coming to what” you ask? Almost 200 job applicants attended the May 22nd Advanced Job Search Event sponsored by Workforce Partners Management Group in conjunction with This event, held at the Hampton Inn and Suites South in Waco, Texas, matched job seekers and screened applicants for future placement with appropriate employers.

At a steady rate of  35 applicants per hour, the WIA Dislocated Workers came. For five hours, staff introduced applicants to employers seeking good qualified employees. Each employer sat down with an applicant and took the time to get acquainted. They reviewed and discussed resumes, skills and abilities. For many, this was one of the few times they have had a chance to interview with an employer.

There was no one rushing them, no competition for space at a crowded table and certainly no 114. It was just a one-on-one conversation. This is what WPMG calls a “Job Event Showcase.”

In an adjoining room, 5 different stations were made available to the dislocated workers. The stations consisted of Profile Updating, Photo Booth, Resume Review, Pre-Screening and a WIA table. Applicants provided information for their profiles; they had their pictures taken; their resumes were reviewed by a resume instructor and they were pre-screened by a placement specialist.

“What is all of this about?” someone asked. The answer is simple, “We are advancing your job search, thus, attempting to place you within ten weeks of your receiving unemployment benefits.”

The profiles maintained within the system is made available to all employers for them to access the summary of (profile information) qualifications. In this manner, employers can choose to review resumes that seem appropriate for their job postings. It tells the employer the most current and updated information available on any applicant at any time.

A picture is then taken for employers to seek out potential applicants. The idea is for the applicant to impress the employer with his or her appearance.

Resumes are reviewed to ensure that their skills, knowledge and qualifications are showcased


A placement specialist talks to applicants determining the suitability for placement.