The Interviewing Process Can Be Demanding, But Rewarding.

One of the most important part of the interview is, of course, you know it, appearance! Be impressive, but not overly dressed and create a great first impression. This is what the interviewer will based their opinion on from the very start. Also, remember to remove any unusual piercings and try to cover up any tattoos, just for the sake of the interview.

Of course, you know to be timely, but go beyond that and give yourself at least 15 minutes of “calming down and getting yourself together” time. This will allow you to get a little refreshed, find your resume or any other documents you will be needing. Sometimes, some companies will ask you for other information and you may have to fill out something else so give yourself plenty of time to do this and still be ready for your interview.

Another important part of the interview is the questions and answers session. This doesn’t just mean that the employer will ask YOU questions. It also means that you must be prepared with vital questions of your own so that you can ask your interviewer. Be interested in the company you are interviewing with and know a bit about their history and background. Job applicants who don’t ask questions make interviewers lose confidence in them and it makes them feel that you might not possess the ability to take on a job as great as the one they are offering you.

When being interviewed for a job, be sure to look the interviewer in the eye when he/she is talking to you. There is nothing that looks like disinterest if the interviewer is talking to you and you are looking out the window or cleaning your nails or worse than that, checking your email messages or texts on your phone. A Big NO NO!!!

Also two other very important aspects of the interview are an enthusiastic smile and a firm handshake. I don’t mean smile at everything he or she says and I don’t mean break the person’s hand when you shake it. I just mean exhibit a friendly personality with a smile here and there and a handshake that says, “I am confident!”

Questions You Should Be Ready To Answer.

These are questions that are pretty standard. In the blue box are questions an interviewer may ask you and in the green box are questions you should be prepared to ask of the interviewer. For examples of the answers to these questions and more questions, go to and either sign in or register to go to the website and look up the publication, Interviewing Gets the Job.

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